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Opera for the Young: Super Storm

Tickets: $10


Super Storm is a lively and engaging piece that demonstrates to young audiences that not all opera was written once upon a time, long ago—this is a current, exciting art form! Opera for the Young’s original creation will showcase individuality and cooperation. Four very different vocalists discover their unique strengths when caught in a storm of epic proportions. Sixteen students from Reach Teach Play join the professionals onstage to play abandoned cats and dogs hiding out in the same cave during the bad weather. The value of diversity in our society, an educated understanding of responsible care of domestic animals, and extreme weather (including electricity and magnetism!) will provide appealing themes and topics for discussion after the show.

Szczegóły wydarzenia

Data 08-24-2019 12:00 pm
Zakończenie 08-24-2019
Miejsce Ravinia Park