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Are your debts a never ending story? Write to us !

Are your debts a never ending story? Write to us !


We offer loans secured by real estate (flat, house, land, etc.) for companies from the first day of operation. We do not require certificates from ZUS, US, we do not check any databases such as BIK, BIG, KRD, etc. We pay off all debts, even bailiffs We grant loans even with an easement entered in the land and mortgage register and mortgage, the case is developed individually according to the client's needs. The loan can be granted for a period of 1 year with the possibility of extension for another year, the interest rate on the loan is 2.8% per annum.
We also offer loans with the repayment of principal and interest for a period of 6 years up to the amount of PLN 115,000,000 gross. and for a period of 70 months with the payment of principal and interest, refunded by the bailiff.
You need cash, and the bank has not granted you a loan, write - 7 days a week. We serve the entire country.

E-mail: uslugiffinansowe60@gmail.com

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